Sametime Buddy List Control Tool by Epilio – Pre-Populate Your Buddy List

I have been looking for a tool like this for over 3 years.

I opened a PMR with IBM asking if there was a way to pre-populate our users buddy lists. IBM regretted to inform me that there was not a way. I tried looking for a solution by Googling various terms (but we all know how that can go sometimes) and reading through various blogs but I was never able to find anything; until today. Epilio produced a fantastic product, which is free, that does just that. You can pre-populate a user buddylist with groups or specific users, you can add or remove public and private groups, export a users Sametime Storage Attributes, or disconnect a user from Sametime.

Here is how I used it:
We created a Directory Assistance bot which allows our users to type in the name of anyone in our server NAB to retrieve business card information; name, address, phone, email, department, etc. One challenge that I often run into is that most tools/solutions are written with instructions for Domino on Windows or installations on Windows. I wanted to distribute this Bot group to all users within our organization and after contacting Carl Tyler I was equipped with a way to do it. He sent me a template for creating a batch file which I translated into the batch file I needed to run on the iSeries OS400. Using Qshell on the iSeries and this post I was able to create a batch file to run the commands necessary to pre-populate lists.


  1. Install Buddylist control to Windows workstation
  2. Copy populateBL.jar to the a newly created directory (buddylistjava) in the data directory of the Sametime server
  3. Create batch file using the command edtf ‘myscriptname’ in buddylistjava folder and add each user as a separate line item (a sample of the command is included in the populate buddylist link below)
  4. Enter QShell, drill down to buddylistjava folder, and run the batch file
  5. This will process each user in the batch file until the end

Several of the users I have tested it on so far did not see any interruption in the connectivity of their Sametime client while the update was being made. The group showed up seamlessly in the users buddy list.

Overall a fantastic tool and worth checking out.

Epilio Buddylist Control:

Sample Excel file with commands: populate buddylist (received from Carl Tyler)