Thoughts from IBM Connect 2014

Wow, talk about mind blown. I attended 27 sessions.

This was my first IBM conference and I didn’t know what to expect. I thought many of the sessions I attended were informative and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed Paul Mooney and Gab Davis’ sessions. They were entertaining, easy to follow, and packed with tons of great information. I would highly recommend these sessions if you need a good laugh as well.

I didn’t really understand the OGS’s (opening general sessions for those first timers like me). They seemed disconnected and poorly mapped. I didn’t understand why they had customers like Pepsi talk about how they implemented IBMs products but they didn’t talked about what products they implemented or how they used them. I thought some of the role play with Greenwell was unnecessary as well. Why not just straight demo the product. It would take less time and you could cover more. I like what Chris Miller said in his blog http://www.idonotes.com/IdoNotes/idonotes.nsf/dx/ibm-connect-2014-ogs-and-day-1-recap-lotusphere-podcasts.htm.

Overall it was a great experience and I learned more than I could have hoped for only having really worked in the Domino Admin space for 1 year now. The announcements on new products and updates to existing products was exciting and it’s great to see IBM investing in design and the future. Furthermore, I am glad that I am able to connect with people now that I attended and got to know some names in the industry.

Goals for next year:

  1. Get to know people that work with IBM products in the iSeries space. I didn’t really get to know anyone from IBM that is knowledgeable with iSeries configurations but that is one area that I am exploring and that I hope to learn more about as I connect with various people from the conference. Most of the documentation is geared towards upgrading Windows servers running Sametime, Notes, Connections, etc.
  2. Attend the Great Geek Challenge
  3. Win a prize at one of the booths 😉