Called my cell phone from a fax machine; big mistake

I was troubleshooting an issue with our fax machine and needed to test the phone line to see if it was working. I also wanted to see what phone number was assigned to the fax machine. So what did I do, I called my cell phone only to realize that the fax machine would repeatedly call me until it timed out according to the amount of retries configured (which is a lot). So every 5 minutes I would get a call from the fax machine; how annoying. I quickly looked to find a setting in the options of our Ricoh multi-function machine to cancel the transmission of this test fax.

After searching through 5-8 menus I found the magically menu. Here are the steps:

  1. Hit Facsimile.
  2. Change TX/Info
  3. Check/Stop Transmission File
  4. Highlight the outbound fax with my number assigned to it and hit cancel
  5. Confirm cancel

It stopped!! Now my already taxed smart phone battery won’t be crushed by repeated calls from our fax machine. This seems simple but I know it has happened to others.