So I tried setting up a laptop as a hackintosh…

I tried setting up a laptop at work for testing purposes as a hackintosh (I have tested this a time or two before and it works well). I think a few of the drivers weren’t compatible so it didn’t successfully install. I decided to scrap the idea and just set it back up with Windows and that’s when everything went wrong.

I tried deleting the partitions and volumes that I had created when setting up the hackintosh; which all worked as it should but when I tried to create a new primary partition, select the volume, and mark the partition as active it wouldn’t let me. I tried multiple methods to fix the disk structure but it still wouldn’t let me mark the partition as active and hence no Windows 7 install.

The error message I received: “Not a fixed MBR disk”

The solution:

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Type diskpart
  3. List Disk
  4. Select Disk in question (Disk 0 in my case, you can check the size first to make sure it’s the right disk)
  5. Disk Detail should show that Boot Disk: No (in my screenshot it says Yes since I pulled it from a working drive)
  6. Select all volumes on Disk 0, then delete the volumes
  7. Select Disk 0
  8. Convert MBR (DiskPart successfully converted the selected disk to MBR format.
  9. Exit diskpart
  10. Install Windows

Hope this helps! Here is a link with screenshots and several other methods to fix this issue: SevenForums