Speed up your Lotus Notes Client by upgrading local DBs to new ODS

You’ve heard of upgrading the server ODS version of databases to the latest supported by your version of Domino but did you know you can also upgrade the ODS version on the client? By default local databases are not updated when the Notes client is upgraded. Here are two ways to accomplish this which should slightly help speed up the performance of your Lotus Notes client.

**Note** These steps will upgrade all local databases to the ODS specified. If you do not want this to occur please do not run this!

Option 1: Add the following to the notes.ini on the client machine: NSF_UpdateODS=1

  • You will need to add/change the notes.ini setting for the ODS version. For ODS 51 use: Create_R85_Databases=1

Option 2: Create a desktop policy, go to Mail and then the Client Settings section, Set Enable upgrade of all local NSFs to latest ODS version to Enabled (by default this is set to disabled).
Users will see Compacting database when they open and/or close the client the first or second time depending on what databases are in use at the time. My experience with this was that it didn’t take more than 2-3 total.

Additional Resources:
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