Compilation of Technotes for Running Maintenance for Domino on IBM i

IBM put together these helpful technotes on running maintenance tasks for Domino on IBM i. First we will cover how to create an indirect file for Domino, then some indirect file tasks that can be setup (most of the Examples are for Windows), finally how to run tasks on the iSeries when the Domino iSeries is down. It took me awhile to find these articles because at first I didn’t know what to search for. Being new to Domino and having taken the Domino Admin Bootcamp on a Windows environment I wasn’t sure how this translated to the iSeries. Help has arrived. These three articles with help you process batches of changes, changes to specific databases, and run tasks when the server is offline (helpful for converting ODS types). Indirect files are powerful tools for use in program documents in Domino as well.

Happy coding!

Technote #1405726 – How do you create an Indirect (.IND) file to run Domino commands on IBM i
Domino for IBM i reads EBCDIC files, so the file must be created in EBCDIC format with the control field of *CRLF. To create a shell of a file, issue the following command at the Domino console:

LOAD CONVERT -l outfile.ind

This command will create a list of mail files where the server where the command is run is listed as the home mail server without the .nsf extension. The control field will be correct *CRLF. The CCSID of the file will be 37 (if running US English) and the data will be Ebcdic. This file can be edited in 2 ways.

1. Edit natively using EDTF i5/OS command;

edtf ‘/domino/data/outfile.ind’

You can use this file as is if “.nsf” is added to each file listed in the file.

2. Edit using your favorite text editor on your PC.

      In order to preserve the proper format of the data, you must FTP the file in binary format both to/from your PC.

For information on using FTP to transfer refer to technote 1447140 “Using FTP to transfer files to/from the Domino Data directory on IBM i “.

Domino Wiki Post – Using indirect files to run maintenance tasks

With the Domino Server Up -> From the Domino Console (or via Domino Remote Console if you have proper Admin Rights)
load fixup -j mailfiles.ind
load compact -c mailfiles.ind
load updall mailfiles.ind
load design -i mailfiles.ind
load convert -u -f mailfiles.ind * mail85.ntf

Technote #1102349 – How to run Fixup, Compact, or other command while the Domino iSeries server is down

You would like to run a Domino command while the iSeries server is down or from a cl program or C program.

To run maintenance or other commands with the Domino server down, RUNDOMCMD, a command supplied with Domino, can be used. To use the RUNDOMCMD from a command line, you would follow the steps below:

  • Use an IBM i command line and type RUNDOMCMD, press F4, fill in the parameters as follows and press enter: The command syntax for RUNDOMCMD is:

Server Name…… Specify the common name of the Domino server as displayed when using the WRKDOMSVR command.
Command…………. Type CALL, press F4, populate the fields as follows, then press enter:

Program . . . . . . . . . . . > FIXUP
Library . . . . . . . . . . . . . *LIBL
Parameters . . . . . . . . .> NAMES.NSF
+ for more values . . . > ‘-F’
Run in batch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *YES (*NO will run the command in interactive mode and display the progress of the task on your 5250 session)
Allow multiple threads . . . . . *YES


  • It is important that only one utility act on a database at any given time. The maintenance utilities will cause corruption if multiple utilities run on the same database at the same time.
  • If you leave the parameter section blank (without a database name) the program will run against all databases in the data directory.
  • You may run fixup, updall, or compact together if they are submitted to run against three unique databases, servers, or directories.
  • The detailed task activity can be monitored via the Domino console (WRKDOMCSL Server name)
  • The job status can be monitored via the IBM i command WRKACTJOB
  • Compact cannot be run with RUNDOMCMD if Run in Batch is set to *NO
  • Compact cannot be run with RUNDOMCMD in Batch if “Allow Multiple Threads” is set to other than yes

The Library parameter of the call command must be ‘QNOTES’ (If you have installed only one version of Domino in IBM i) or ‘QDOMINOxxx’ (If you have installed two or more versions of Domino in IBM i, xxx is version number in three digits)