Errors contacting the Traveler Server

Error: “The account cannot be verified an error occurred while contacting the server traveler” I ran into this issue another user was having with Traveler after the upgrade to Domino and Traveler 9.0. Reported Issue: Installed the Lotus Domino 9.0.0 and Lotus Traveler 9.0.0 and there is an issue occurring on the iPhone, indicating that “the account cannot be verified an error occurred while contacting the server traveler”.

Several things to look at:

  1. In your Traveler server document under the Notes Traveler tab what is the External Server URL field set to? It should be something like (if you are using SSL of course, if not use http).
  2. Did you make sure that the Traveler server has Manager access in the ACL of the users that you are trying to connect?
  3. Is the DNS name of your Traveler server resolvable internally and externally? I don’t remember the error I was receiving but before the DNS name had fully propagated the Internet I was able to connect to the server, install the profile, but after that it wouldn’t work because the profile couldn’t see the server.
  4. I would also recommend upgrading Domino to 9.0.1 and Traveler to 9.0.1IF2

Solution that solved the problem:
If you are using a proxy between the client and the Traveler server, you should set the “External Server URL” on the “Lotus Traveler” tab in the server document. You should not need to modify the Host or SSL values (use the ILNT wildcards). If you do modify this value, it cannot have “http://” or “https:// at the beginning as that is automatically prepended based on the SSL key’s value.


Here is a forum post about the same error with Windows 8 Pro tablets. **Not the same resolution but another thing to check**