Duplicate folders showing in the Notes & Traveler Move to Folder Option

So I ran into an interesting issue today with one of my users running Lotus Notes 8.5.3. It seems that the ‘Move to Folder’ option in Notes and Traveler was showing one of the users folders duplicated with the exact same name but in the Notes client it would only show one folder. The user would file the messages away picking one of the two folders and if they put it in one folder they could see it but if they chose the other it would disappear.

As you can imagine this presents a huge problem if you are away from your desk, traveling, or just need to get to an email that you filed quickly. I tried renaming the folder on the Notes client but that changed the name on both folders in the $FolderAllnfo view. To get to the $FolderAllInfo view hold down ctrl+shift and go to the view menu and select Go To… Unfortunately you cannot delete the folders that are duplicated in this view, at least it didn’t work for me. I received a 02:41 error when marking it for delete and a #02:41 when hitting F9 to delete. Finally I did some digging and stumbled upon a fix from IBM which worked with a minor tweak to the rename portion.

Here is IBM’s solution:


Duplicate folders are shown in Folders dialog boxes brought up from Move to Folder, Send and File, etc. These folders are shown only once in the navigation pane. Messages moved to the “wrong” folder in the dialog box will not appear when that folder’s view is selected from the navigation pane, but these “missing” messages are shown in the All Documents view. A Discover Folders action on these “missing” messages will create the error: “Document does not exist in any of the folders”.


The navigation pane is unable to display the duplicate folders, but they do exist in the design. The duplicate folders are caused by two (or more) users accessing the same mail file simultaneously, and creating folders with the same name. The issue can also occur if the users were working in different replicas of the database when the folders were created.


This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# CAML6VBLL7.

The workaround is to open the design of the database, rename the duplicate folder names, and if required, move the messages in the newly renamed folder back to the originally intended folder. The renamed duplicate folder can then be deleted.

Steps to recover folders and documents:
1. Open the mail file in the Designer client.

2. Click “Folders” in the left database pane.

3. Note the duplicate folder names in the folders list.

4. Open one of the duplicate folders by double-clicking. The Folder Properties window should open, if not, right-click in the folder pane and select “Folder Properties…”
—->NOTE: This step didn’t work for me. I had to right-click the folder and select rename.

5. Rename the folder by adding characters to the end of the name (so that the folder will appear directly under it’s duplicate in the navigation pane).

6. Close the folder and select “Yes” to save from the resulting dialog box.

7. Repeat the renaming process for all duplicate folders.

8. Close the Designer client, then close and re-open the mail file in the Notes client.

9. Note that now all the folders are visible in the navigation pane. You may now manage you messages as you wish.

Note: The newly renamed folders will not be of the ($Inbox) Folder Design Template – if you wish to keep these folders, do a manual folder design upgrade by selecting Actions > Upgrade Folder Design > Manual Upgrade, check off the folders you wish to upgrade, ensure the Inbox design type is selected, and click OK.