Move Metro Tile Groups in Windows 8.1

Even working in IT and with computers every day there are many things that I have to look up to remember how to execute in Windows 8.1; this is one of them. I have several Windows 8.1 machines now and on each one I like to have the tile groups organized differently. For me creating the groups was easy but remembering how to move the groups around took some time. Here are the steps I used.

Step 1:
Create the tile groups and organize them to your liking

Step 2:
Pull up the Start Menu and Pinch to Zoom Out (if you are using a mouse click the Zoom Out icon in the lower right-hand corner)TileGroup1TileGroup2

Step 3:
Select the group and drag it to the desired location

I know what you are thinking; easy and simple, right? Yes, it is very easy to do but if you don’t do it every day it is also easy to forget. Hope this helps.