Technology: Sometimes a Beautiful Thing

You might be saying to yourself, “Matt, what do you mean?” Well, I recently brought home a project car I had been working on with my Brother for many years (on and off work that is) and discovered that I had a black widow in the car. I finally saw it one day and it was a fairly good size (creepy). We tried taking the seat out, spraying brake cleaner in all open crevices, We tried bug killer (even on the web itself), there were many attempts to check in the car and “sneak” up on the spider; but nothing worked. Finally, I decided to be smart about it and do some research. “Light bulb”, why don’t I just Google “How to kill a black widow” and read posts and watch YouTube videos to learn about the spiders (many of us do this, right?).

So that’s what I did and what did I find, a wealth of knowledge on what they look like, how dangerous they are, the spiders habits, etc, etc. One interesting thing I learned was that Black Widow spiders are nocturnal (something I should have known). I read that it is best to hunt them at night armed with a bright flashlight and a weapon of choice. That’s what I did. That same night I went out to the car and sure enough I looked in the web I had seen earlier that day and there was the spider. I don’t know if you’ve ever hunted poisonous (black) spiders at night but if you are looking for a thrill I would recommend it; it took 30 minutes for the hair on my arms to lay back down (just being honest).

So after 2.5 weeks, some Google research, a flashlight, and a welding glove (my weapon of choice) my spider problem is finally gone. Not the best photo but it wasn’t dead at this point and it was completely dark : )


Thanks to all of you who contribute to forums, blogs, and websites that share great information on so many different topics!