IBM i Access Client Solutions – New Release

This month IBM released version of the Java Access Client Solutions app. With some great new features it’s worth checking out. If you haven’t been using this client there is no reason not to. A great deal of development has been done to modernize accessing the IBM i and IBM listens to it’s users when it comes to features and enhancements. I have been very impressed with how many new features are added every release; increasing my productivity every time.

I am particularly excited about the changes in this release for SQL Scripts.

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Click here to find more information: Read Me (Release Notes)

Here are the release notes:

Version =
Build date = November 2018
ESS Level = LCD8-2010-21

Note: This version requires Java 8. To ensure uninterrupted usage, make sure your deployment is using Java 8 before deploying this version.
To check which version of Java is being used by IBM i Access Client Solutions, select Help->About from the product’s main panel.

Recommended Java Level: Java 8 Update 191 or higher

  1. Enhancements to Run SQL Scripts:

  • “for update” now allows results to be updated (RFE 89794)
  • Ability to select text from within a result cell (RFE 91124)
  • Support for displaying name and label at the same time (RFE 98618)
  • Support for changing column headings in current results (RFE 108357)
  • Support for column customization in current results (RFE 125506)
  • Refresh option to update current results (RFE 108617)
  • Many new Insert from Examples

  1. Enhancements to Database Schemas:

  • Specifying a system name is supported when creating a new schema
  • Improvements to Tables->Work with->Related Objects
  • Added support for changing Aliases, Row Permissions, and Column Masks

  1. Enhancements to SQL Performance Center:

  • Support for filtering Performance Monitors, Plan Cache Snapshots, and Plan Cache Event Monitors.

  1. General DB Enhancements:

  • Added File->New Window to Schemas and SQL Performance Center for selecting a different system (RFE 119563)

  1. Enhancements to 5250 Display and Print emulation:

  • Allow keyboard buffering to be turned off (RFE 91890)
  • Allow variables in Print Screen Header and Footer (RFE 92158)
  • Migrate kerberos setting from Access for Windows to ACS (RFE 122787)
  • Enable margin setting for 5250 print emulation when Use Java Print Service is specified (RFE 122569)

  1. Enhancements to Data Transfer:

  • Custom tab names for Excel download (RFE 112968)
  • UTF-8 support for Dos Random file type (.dsr)
    See additional information below for incompatibility with previous versions

  1. Other General Enhancements:

  • Installation scripts for Windows check for compatible version of Java

Attention: Users of Data Transfer:
This update includes changes that make Data Transfer downloads and uploads using the Dos Random format (.dsr) incompatible with previous versions unless you take the actions outlined below. Other file formats (.csv, .txt, .xlsx, .ods, etc) are not affected. The default File Encoding for Data Transfer downloads and uploads is UTF-8. The File Encoding determines how the downloaded data is formatted within the .dsr file. Previous versions of ACS were not correctly formatting a DosRandom file format when a UTF-8 encoding was specified. Instead, the DosRandom file format was always being formatted according to a US-ASCII encoding. Any saved Data Transfer request files (.dtfx, .fdfx, .dttx) likely have the encoding as UTF-8 (which would be incorrect since the encoding for dsr files was always US-ASCII).
Because it is necessary to support characters which cannot be represented by US-ASCII, this update will honor the FileEncoding as specified. That means if you want to continue to use the US-ASCII format, you will need to make the following changes:

  1. For new download requests, visit the Details panel and change the “Translate system data to” to US-ASCII. The default is UTF-8.
  2. If you have saved Data Transfer download requests (file type dtfx and fdfx) for Dos Random, you will need to change the FileEncoding property from UTF-8 to US-ASCII.
  3. If you have saved Data Transfer upload requests (file type dttx and fdfx) for Dos Random, you will need to change the FileEncoding property from UTF-8 to US-ASCII.