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Find My iPhone – Turn this Feature On!

I ran into a friend the other day and they were telling me about how someone stole their iPhone. They didn’t have the Find My iPhone feature turned on and in many cases this probably won’t help if someone stole your phone but then again it might. This is a common feature that many people…


Text Message Issues after switching from iPhone?

Do your friends repeatedly text you with no answer? If you’re having issues receiving text messages after switching from your iPhone to anything else this post is for you. This only pertains to you if you were using iMessage on your iPhone. While this function is relatively new and we have yet to see if…

Some New iOS 8 Features

Great write up by David Nield of some new features for iOS 8. Features 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 16, and 24 are one I’m looking forward to trying out. 25 Things You Can Do On iOS 8 That You Couldn’t Do On iOS 7 Load up iOS 8 and you might not notice…



iPhone Messages App Showing 1 Unread Message Even Though There Isn’t One

Ever had this happen to you, you get several text messages (or just one) you read all of your messages and it still shows 1 unread message? You try turning your phone off, a hard reset, quiting the messages app and nothing makes the badge icon with the 1 unread mark go away. If you…