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Lock Down Desktop Using Group Policy

This is how I recently configured the User Configuration section in Microsoft’s Group Policy to lock down the desktop of an end users’ machine. I am running these settings on a Windows 7 Professional end client machine. These settings are great for restricting user accounts to only access the areas and applications you specify. In…


Manually Add a Hidden WIFI Network in Windows 8.1

I was at work one day this week and needed to manually add a hidden WIFI network to my Windows 8.1 tablet. I forgot how many steps were involved to get a connection added. This process hasn’t changed much since Windows XP, Vista, or 7 mostly just changes to the screens and interface. Here are…


Screen Brightness Not Adjusting – Windows 8.1

(I ran into this with a customer the other day) So, if you recently upgraded your Windows 8 laptop from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 you might have run across an issue with the screen brightness not adjusting no matter what you do: keyboard shortcuts, power settings, changing the brightness in the charm menu; nothing…